When it comes to talking about sex, we talk openly with our friends.  We talk about who we are doing it with, how we are doing it and how often!  But when it comes to sex toys, we definitely don't talk about them enough.

Sex toys are just fantastic, magnificent, exciting, thrilling, shivery and empowering! How else can we describe them! We believe every single adult should be the proud owner of their very own ‘sex drawer’. Using a sex toy is such a vital tool when it comes to exploring and learning more about your own body and an awesome way to build trust with your lover..as well a huge amount of fun obvs!

Did you know?  The first recorded use of sex toys goes all the way back to Ancient Greece!


Knowing what turns you on, turns you up and over, knowing what makes your lover excited and more importantly learning how to give and receive the ultimate orgasm - sex toys are simply the best form of sexual education.


And guess what...sex toys are good for your health...yup that’s right.  Studies suggest for men that masturbation decreases the risk of prostate cancer and for women it can ease body aches and menstrual cramps - and who hasn’t had a great nights sleep after a night of passion.


So why did we start The Boudoir Store…simple, we want to join the movement to remove the taboo that still lingers around the topic of sex toys.  We want our customers to be educated, empowered to explore and learn more about their sexuality in a discreet and safe way. Men and women alike, we’re all on the same sexual journey, whether that be solo, in a couple and beyond.


We stock a massive range of sex toys from the world’s leading brands, including Lelo, We-vibe, Rocks Off, OVO, Toy Joy, Screaming O, Zini to Vaculock Sex Systems.  Sex toys for men and sex toys for women, we aim to give you choice as well as the best night of your life!