Sex Toy Reviews

Sex Toy Reviews

Looking for something to revolutionise your sex life? At The Boudoir Store, we have a huge range of delectable sex toys for him and her that we guarantee will blow your mind.

01 January 2021

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Roll up, roll up, you heard it here first! We’ve pulled together a thrilling list of the best sex toys out there for you and your partner to enjoy together. Maybe you’re in a relationship and want to spice things up with some add-ons or if you simply want to have some casual fun and introduce some p...
28 December 2020

The Best Adult Toys For The Man In Your Life

Sex toys for men have existed for quite some time now, and as we move forward, they are becoming more commonplace in the bedroom both for solo play and in the bedroom with a partner. From prostate massagers to fleshlights and all the sexy apparatus in between, there is a toy out there for every man....
16 December 2020

The Rise of The Realistic Vagina

Female sex toys have been around for so long now that for many, they have become commonplace in a woman’s life – single or otherwise. But male sex toys have developed a little slower, and we’re only now starting to see the incredible selection of revolutionised toys that have been made with the sole...
12 August 2020
09 August 2020

Top Sex Toys of 2019

Whether you like to masturbate alone or with a partner, it can be so much more explosive with a sex toy. There is literally something for everyone from beginner toys to devices that hit all the high notes at once....
24 January 2020

Your Guide to Pocket Vaginas

Masturbation for both men and women is easier than it’s ever been. With access to millions of sex toys and apparatus worldwide, there is literally something for everyone out there from anal stimulators to pocket rocket vaginas and everything in between. It’s an absolute dream....
16 January 2020

Tickle Your Fancy with Tit Toys

Something that may tickle your fancy is the idea of using a tit toy – especially if you love a nice pair of jiggly titties. That’s right! You can now enjoy a big pair of fake titties to rub up and down on top of and get off to....
09 December 2019

Has a Sex Doll Blown Your Mind Yet?

The world of silicone sex dolls has come a long way in recent years, and at The Boudoir Store, we have something for everyone from big tittied girls to petite dolls and everything you could possibly want in between....
29 November 2019

What Can You Find in Our Online Sex Shop?

From sexy edible goodies and bondage gear to nipple clamps and latex clothing, we have you covered for all your weird and wonderful sex fetishes, with a little (or huge) something for everyone!...
25 November 2019

And for My Next Trick…The Ejaculating Dildo!

Sex toys become more and more amazing every single day! For a lot of women, they love the feeling of being penetrated by a dildo, but it’s not quite the same as a good old ejaculating dick…or is it?...
25 November 2019

The Best Gay Sex Toys Of 2019

It’s no wonder that the word ‘gay’ is synonymous with the word ‘happy’. It’s very likely because some of the best sex toys available on the market have been designed with the gay man in mind. ...
25 November 2019

Top 10 Best Cheap Sex Toys

Everyone on this beautiful earth deserves to have access to the best sex toys available. But unfortunately, due to financial constraints, a top-end sex toy that’s a little on the expensive side isn’t always attainable for everybody. ...
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